style:elementaestablished in 2018 by Melissa Hisona-Reyes, a professional hairstylist and makeup artist. Most importantly, a mother and a wife. In the cosmetology profession, both client and professional are exposed to a multitude of chemicals in hair color, smoothing formulas, styling, and beauty products, most of which are toxic and harmful. This leads us to hours of meticulously searching and sourcing high-quality ingredients for products that are natural and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and other harmful elements. t’s something we strive for. We are also aiming for zero waste, recyclable, and sustainability. You don’t want to put junk on your face or the environment.


Living an eco-friendly life and using sustainable healthy products should not have to be a sacrifice or a limitation to personal style.


Our mission is to inform and deliver hair, beauty, and accessory products that are natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly, vetted with much love and care to make sure you are living a better life. 


Melissa Hisona-Reyes


Experienced Hairstylist and Makeup artist for over 15 years. Advocate for healthy living and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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