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3 Reasons You Should Be Brushing Your Hair.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In my whole hairstyling career of over 17 years, I have not always been an advocate for brushing your hair. In the first five years, I did not care to brush my hair regularly, so I never promoted it. I tousled everything with my fingers to style. I felt that there was no need for it. Back then, I thought brushing your hair was more for styling and not about scalp and haircare. They teach you the basics of brushing your hair correctly in Cosmetology school; I guess it was necessary and with a purpose.

As years passed, I started getting into natural hair care, scalp care, and holistic hairstyling. I began implementing hair brushing in my routine, and I noticed a big difference in my hair texture and look. I then recommend it to my clients, who have long hair and short hair, curly hair or straight hair, and they saw a difference in their locks. So here are three main benefits of brushing your hair and some tips on how to do it.

1. Increases moisture, shine, and softness to the hair.

Split and damaged ends.

How does hair brushing give me increased moisture and softness? Brushing your hair, starting from your scalp to the ends, will distribute your naturally produced oil from the source to the ends of your hair.

Hair brushing will reduce the oils that make your scalp appear oily and add moisture to where it is needed. The act of brushing in one direction also helps

smooth out your cuticles on the hair, which will increase the shine. The secret is the brush; make sure it is not a comb but a natural or dense bristle brush wooden or boar bristle. The comb will detangle but will not distribute your natural oils.

2. Invigorates your scalp

The act of hair brushing, where the bristles are massaging your scalp, increases the blood flow in that area. The increased blood flow in your scalp may influence hair growth, giving you a thicker and faster growing hair. We usually lose 50 to 100 hair strands daily as a natural shedding of hair. By brushing your hair, you loosen them and remove them, which leaves more room for new growth. Now hair loss is another issue that needs to be covered in-depth, but for normal hair, this is a good start to taking care of your scalp and hair. For a hairstylist brushing your clients' hair before service, not just stimulates scalp activity, but it also gives us a chance to see what's going on with your scalp. We can see any scalp issues; dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, which we can then correctly address.

3. Cleanses the hair.

How does hair brushing cleanse my hair? Hair brushing uses the bristles to loosen build-up on the scalp and hair, such as styling products, dirt, and dust. This is a good prep before washing your hair and prolonging the time between shampoo. If you are using dry shampoo between shampoos, did you know you should brush it out after application? Doing so helps the dry shampoo spread and remove excess oil that is absorbed.

Including a hair brushing routine in your daily hair maintenance is not just right for your hair and scalp; it's also an excellent self-care practice. This gives you time to take a breather in your busy life. Hair brushing practice does not have to take much of your time.


Hair Brushing Tips

  • Start from the back of your head. If you have long hair, flip your head upside down, and start brushing from the middle nape of your neck to the ends of your tresses or to the top of your head, and make sure the bristles are gently touching your scalp. Then move to each side of the nape of your neck the same way.

  • Next, put the edge of the brush on top of your head and brush downwards, again making sure you touch the scalp. Do one side at a time.

  • Then you are now going to brush from the front of your head to the back, making sure you are touching all the scalp areas. If you have long hair, ensure that you have brushed the whole length of your hair, from roots to ends.

  • Once you are complete, repeat another two more times, which will conclude your hair brushing routine.

For any questions regarding hair brushing and how to do it, book a consultation with Melissa. She will go through the process with you so you can start your hair brushing routine.


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