• Melissa Hisona

The Beginning

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Hello! I am Melissa, the founder and owner of style:elemental. Style:elemental has been a concept that started from the very beginning of my career in hairstyling, and I continue to build and learn from it in the present. It is a concept of styling or bringing your style back to its basics or its fundamentals by using non-toxic, safer, more delicate, essential elements and ingredients to produce or enhance the style that is uniquely you.

"living an eco-friendly life and using sustainable healthy products should not have to be a sacrifice nor a limitation to one's style,"

I have been worked behind the chair, fashion shows, and print as a hairstylist for over 16 years, and I have used all types of techniques and popular products on myself and especially my clients. I have experienced first hand how detrimental toxic products and chemicals can be. I have experienced debilitating headaches and allergic reactions after using certain hairsprays, straightening, and curling products. I have also experienced contact dermatitis on my hands and scalp due to specific cleansers and styling products. If you are exposed to these harmful and toxic ingredients consistently, what type of harm is building up inside you? My concern is not just for the hairstylist; it is also for the client that sits in our chair. Health is vital; why would we sacrifice it for looking good? Looking good is the product of being healthy.

We exercise and eat the right food and are careful in choosing deodorants and laundry detergents to keep us young and healthy, why not be selective with the make-up and hair products also? A simple solution that I enacted was to start researching for make-up and styling products that are natural, non-toxic, transparent, and organic. Studying and attaining knowledge is a great stepping stone in the right direction to live a healthier lifestyle. Being aware of what ingredients are in the products that you use are empowering; I just wanted to know more.

While in my research, I found so many products out there that claim that they are natural when, in fact, they are not. Some may say natural, but only a few ingredients are naturally derived, they contain other toxic ingredients, such as parabens, SLS, triclosan, and more. There are also products that I came across are natural, but they do not disclose what their "fragrance " ingredients are, those hidden ingredients are worrisome, where they might contain toxins or allergens. If you want to know more about what dangerous or toxic elements to avoid in our products, check out our article What's The Link?

There was a multitude of products out there that I saw: natural and non-toxic, but they did not perform to my standards, which was a letdown. They did not cleanse the hair as well, they did not hold a style as long, and some did not do anything. These are a waste of money. Was I ever going to find healthy, non-toxic products that are professional grade, which works? During my arduous year-long research, I found Hairstory, Oway, and Original Mineral. Finally! These products I have tested, researched, and used, on myself and clients, with confidence that they are not harmful to us but also works wonders for our hair.

In this journey, I continue to learn and discover new ways to improve our health as a professional hairstylist and also as the person sitting in the chair. I genuinely believe that living an eco-friendly life and using sustainable healthy products should not have to be a sacrifice nor a limitation to one's style, and that is what style:elemental is to me.

If you want more information on toxic ingredients that you should avoid, read our article What's the Link?


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