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The word holistic is a word that is visible everywhere. But, what does holistic mean?

The word holistic is a word that is apparent everywhere. Holistic living, holistic doctor, holistic hairstylist, but what does it all mean? Holistic looks at the whole person, the big picture, and considers their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being and not just focused on a specific part. You want to be intentional in what you do and remembering that one thing can affect the other.

For example, when you have a bad day, it didn't just become a bad day; elements that added together made it that way. For example, maybe the night before, you did not have a good night's sleep, so you slept in and was late for work. Since you were late, you missed a meeting, and now you are mad and stressed because you missed your opportunity to present to your boss. We can even go more in-depth as to why you didn't have a good night's sleep.

Living holistically, you are intentional with what you do and how it affects you as a whole, your environment, and your well-being. Addressing the example above, being deliberate in what you are doing, you realize that you need to have a good night's rest. Having a meeting in the morning, where you need to be present, a night of restful sleep is crucial. Holistic living is also intentional with the foods you eat. Having too much caffeine or eating very late at night can affect your sleep. Another example is, let's say you did have a good night's rest but were stuck in traffic and still missed the meeting; how you react can change your stress level and affects your mood for the rest of the day.

In taking the time to breathe and being intentional, your mood will be uplifted and become de-stressed.

Many people go to holistic doctors; what makes them different from a family practitioner? What do holistic doctors do? Holistic doctors look at the whole person as a measure for treatment, and not just the problem. Their main goal is to prevent and find the root cause of your symptoms and concerns. For example, in strictly western medicine, a person with high blood pressure would be given a prescription as a treatment, just to treat the high blood pressure. For a holistic treatment, the doctor wants to know more about you, the underlying facts; what your emotional, physical, and spiritual health is. Your eating habits are exercise routine, job, spiritual beliefs, and emotional state to find your ailments' root cause. They would also utilize alternative and traditional methods to enhance your life quality. Some of those methods are meditation, acupuncture, and your body's ability to self-heal.

Our nails, skin, and hair are the first signs indicating our overall health. It is essential in maintaining self-care practices, self-love, and well being is vital. When you get stressed, you break out, or you start to lose your hair. You can't just fix the breakout or the hair-loss, because it will come back if you don't fix the root cause of why you are stressed. As a holistic hairstylist, I take care of my clients by considering the whole self and not just focusing on their hairstyle or color. I want to heal their hair and want them to feel good about themselves and leave with good energy to take back with them. I use aromatherapy and head massage as part of my services and treatments to achieve that. I know for myself if my hair looks good, I feel confident and fabulous. I am also intentional about selecting the products I use in my salon and on my clients. The products are green and non-toxic, formulated with natural or close to natural ingredients to be effective, such as essential oils and biodynamic herbs. They do not contain any bad stuff, like parabens, phthalates, among other things. If you want to learn more about the ingredients you should avoid, you should read: What's The Link?. Holistic hairstyling is not just having your hair done; it intentionally pursues a better, healthier, cleaner life quality for my clients.


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